OUR mission

Turning greenfield project into production ready application in record time!

We care about our people and your time so let’s make the jump from IDEA to SOLUTION.

Take a closer look at some of recent projects and the services we offer.

OUR skills

Delivering fast and excellent results, with modular and trustworthy architecture.

We design and develop highly scalable / multi node architectures for our customers for years. 

We provide E2E solutions: Full Stack Development, Management, UX, Product and Customer Support. 

OUR clients

We’ve got a good track record of satisfied clients, thanks to our experience and transparent communication. Our agile software team works closely with our clients and their internal teams to deliver against each unique requirement.

We are a self-managed team of problem solvers who thrive on challenging projects.

We love to do research and find the best solutions to solve any of our customers needs and meet their goals.


OUR passion

Never stop learning!

We love to participate in multiple coding events and we sometimes win!

Coders should have time to code and enjoy their craft. We strongly believe this is the only way to stay ahead of the curve and build awesome things

Check out our blogs on things we find fun in the coding world.

Meet Our Team

Rotariu Alex

Alexandru Rotariu

Senior Data Engineer/ BigData Team Lead

Miutel Andreea

Andreea Miuțel

Senior Full Stack and Team Lead

Parvu Andrei

Andrei Pârvu

Junior Full Stack Developer

Veresan Andrei

Andrei Vereșan

Senior Full Stack and Mobile Dev Team Lead

Rafiliu Camelia

Camelia Rafiliu

Senior Data Analyst/ AI

Rus Catalin

Cătălin Rus

Dev Ops

Elekes Cristian

Cristian Elekes

Junior Full Stack Developer

Evillook Idea

Evillook Idea

Head of Snacks

Mioc Flavia

Flavia Mioc

Junior Full Stack Developer

Mazare Iasmina

Iasmina Mazăre

HR specialist and Project Manager

Miere Lorena

Lorena Miere

Senior Data Analyst/ AI

Mihai Simioana

Mihai Simioana

Founder and Team Servant

Mazare Nicolas

Nicolas Mazăre

Support Engineer

Netin Radu

Radu Nețin

Dev Ops

Gorog Sergiu

Sergiu Gorog

Front-End Developer and UX/UI Specialist

Fiat Silvia

Silvia Fiat

Senior Full Stack Developer/ Co-owner


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