Using ChatGPT to help with SEO


Introduction Let’s jump on the hype train with ChatGPT before it’s too late. Arguably we are already passed the Turing station so let’s hop on and see what we can learn. ChatGPT is a variant of OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) language processing model, specifically designed for dialog systems. It is capable of generating human-like […]

Security in the Mobile Apps world

Security in the Mobile Apps world

Nowadays we spend a lot of time on phones or laptops, they bring both pluses and minuses, that’s why we leave you some tips below when you want to download a new application to be safe all the time. Important tips to consider when downloading an app:

4*9+1/2 Work Schedule

Work schedule

Is a 3-day weekend the key to a balanced life? During the pandemic, we got to experience working remotely. Luckily, in our type of work, it was pretty easy to adjust. However, after some time, it was becoming difficult to disconnect and the lines between work and personal life started to blur.  So, how do […]

Hacktm 2022

Our experience at Hacktm 2022

Uncorporated – we lead (well… code)  from the frontAt IdeaHub everybody is a developer from the project manager to the owners. And we do it because we like to code. Same for our good friend Adrian, who is a founder of another startup in Timisoara.  Our Project This weekend Silvia and me, the co-owners of […]