Hacktm 2022

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Uncorporated – we lead (well… code)  from the front
At IdeaHub everybody is a developer from the project manager to the owners. And we do it because we like to code. Same for our good friend Adrian, who is a founder of another startup in Timisoara. 

Our Project

This weekend Silvia and me, the co-owners of Ideahub participated at #hacktm2022 and we want to thank the organizers Banat IT for doing an excellent job, as always. We had a great time at the event and we are grateful for all the work they did during the years.

As for our project, we were a team of three people and our project called ChargeE is meant to simplify the micropayments solutions for car-centric services, especially for electric vehicle charging stations by allowing people to pay with their cars alone. Since initiating and paying for a charging station takes an average of 5 minutes to do while a charging session is about 50 minutes, we estimate our solution is able to increase the availability of charging infrastructure for electric cars by about ten percent.  The payByCarFace system that we propose requires no additional equipment in the car as we developed Machine Learning algorithms in Python that recognize license plate, color, and the overall shape of the car. 
To increase the security of the solution, our algorithm continuously checks for anomalies after the charge/paynment is initiated and will stop the process if we identify fraud.


We coded three separate applications
1. A mobile application in ReactNative that serves as the electronic wallet and information center for the entire system. The important thing was to make sure the phone is not necessary to initiate payments, so other persons (employees, parents) can use it seamlessly.

2. The backend was built in Java Spring / React and hosted on a bare metal server we owned. We actually created the entire thing in JHipster www.jhipster.tech with a UML (in this case JDL) first approach.

3. A python application that does the machine vision and is meant to be used both on a RaspberryPy 4 and the AWS Lambda via Docker for continuous checks.

In just 60 hours our team of three people ended up with:
– 500 lines of Python code
– 10.000 lines of Java (out of which we have written about 1000 ourselves)
– 6500 lines of Typescript (about 700 written by us)
Bottom line, between the three of us we wrote 2200 lines of code in three very different languages, and all the three applications functioned well via RestAPI in three separate environments(Mobile, Ubuntu and Raspberry). Did I mention we also put CI on it because… DevOps dreams are made with this.

Events such as these give us the opportunity to test new technologies before we ask our colleagues to work with them, we certainly hope your current manager is also in love with coding… or perhaps you want to try and join a full developer team for a change because we are always searching for new colleagues.