This section is a high level description of the latest projects we have delivered for multiple clients.

BigData ETL / Analytics and

Our projects combine BigData analysis, processing pipelines and business intelligence dashboards in order to provide full ETL coverage. Our system process hundreds of GigaBytes on a daily basis using Python for automation.

Computation and storage is completely serverless with the help of AWS services.

Our main weapons of choice are Athena, Redshift, 
Snowflake, QuickSight, SageMaker, Google NLP.

Threat Detection and
Response product

Security application that allows users to monitor, detect and intercept breach events by offering honeypots as a service.

The product has 24/7 real-time tracking, reporting and analytics based on email content evaluation, links processing and custom rule evaluations.

Built with Java Spring and Angular it provides a complete solution that ensures protection from hacker breach attacks, insider threats (negligence, theft, or employee errors) and faulty integrations.

Tier 1 and
Tier 2

Our customers get quick and friendly help from our team that can handle multiple support tiers and multiple projects at a time.

Our support teams resolve problems quickly by clarifying the customer complaints and suggesting the best solution to solve the problem.

In the meanwhile, the team ensures correction and resolution with the development team.

AdClarity - Digital Ad intelligence

InApp scanning for ad detection

A complete system for InApp ad extraction along with a wide array of real and emulated devices for IOS and Android.

The device farm operates 24/7 and allows more than 2 million application scans per week with complex scenarios and scripts that mimic real human behavior.